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Pre-Flight Checklist



There’s a lot to consider before we take-off and start shooting, so we put this page together so property owners had a simple checklist to make sure they’re ready come flight-day.


This is the best time to contact us to schedule your flight. In some instances we’re able to provide same-day expedited flight requests (for an additional fee), so in order to keep our rates low we recommend scheduling flights at least 2 weeks in advance.

Make sure any landscaping work you’re having done is complete, and that any nearby construction won’t make your property an unsightly mess.



You’ll obviously want to make sure your entire yard is neat and tidy.

  • Rake the leaves

  • Mow the lawn

  • Put-away any child toys or tools



If you’re having any landscaping work done, be sure it’s complete by the date of your flight. It’s really difficult to edit out bulldozers and the like.



If you’re having any exterior construction work done or home improvements, again you’ll want to be sure the work is complete and any mess or residual debris is properly cleaned up before the day of your flight. Same goes for your neighbors.


Flights may not exceed 400’ AGL (Above Ground Level), or 400’ above the highest point of any structure, within a 400’ radius of that structure.

sUAV operations may not interfere in any way with any manned-aircraft operations.


No persons may be under the flight path of the sUAV at any time, unless they 1) are directly participating in the flight operation as a crew member, or 2) Located under a covered structure or inside a stationary vehicle providing reasonable protection from a falling sUAV.

Twilight flights, as defined by the FAA as Civil Twilight, may only occur up to 30 minutes prior to sunrise, and up to 30 minutes after sunset.


Weather plays an integral role in all flight operations, our flight crew will be in contact with you or the on-site point of contact 72hrs and 24hrs prior to your flight to discuss any potential weather related issues. The on-site Remote PIC will be the final say on any and all weather related or other day-of flight related issues.

Federal Airspace Restrictions may either prohibit or restrict flight operations in a given area and must be respected at all times. For locations requiring airspace authorization, the FAA recommends allowing up to 90 days for waiver approval.


All booking requests are subject to the following; 1. Federal Airspace Restrictions, 2. Scheduling Availability, and 3. Weather. Three Rivers Aerial Imaging, LLC will make every attempt to accommodate your preferred flight date/window, but, in the unlikely event we can’t—there’s no need worry. We’ll let you know right away (usually within 48hrs), if either airspace waivers or our teams schedule conflicts with your requested dates and/or flight location. If so, we’ll work to promptly reschedule or issue a full refund, whichever you prefer.


Should weather present a cause for concern, our team will alert you in the days leading up to your scheduled flight as part of our pre-flight communications. Weather-related flight cancelations receive priority rebooking, and are not eligible for refunds. The on-site Pilot in Command is the final authority on all flight matters, and has the final say regarding day-of weather related delays and cancellations.

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